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The Northern Regional Committee of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (NRC) is formed under Chartered Accountants Bye-Laws 1983 and extends to geographical territories of Punjab, Federal Capital, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Northern & Tribal Areas and Azad Kashmir.

The Northern Regional Committee in its meeting held on November 02, 2019 elected Mr. Rafqat Hussain as Chairman of the committee and Mr. Shahid Khattak as the Secretary of the committee.

Mr. Rafqat Hussain,
FCA - Chairman (NRC)
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Mr. Shahid Iqbal Khattak,
FCA - Secretary (NRC)
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Message from Chairman NRC

I am excited to announce that NRC ICAP has taken a new initiative to launch an interactive website (http://icap.knowledgenow.info ) facilitating our members to abreast themselves with the global best practices by watching recorded versions of our webinars from a repository of systematic archives.

Live webinars, which our members at times are unable to attend based on their other professional/personal commitments, can now easily access it via this portal at any given time enabling them to instantly earn CPDs. However, we still encourage members to attend our live webinars as it gives you an opportunity to interact with world class speakers from the top IV league schools, such as, IMD, IE, Darden Business School, Rotman University, Carnegie Melllon, Virginia Tech and many more whom we are bringing live exclusively on our virtual platform to deliver exclusive webinars for our members.

ICAP NRC through this platform, aims to provide its members the facilities of:

  • Live Webinars,
  • Archived videos of lectures/webinars
  • Follow up questionnaires
  • Presentations
  • A forum for members to stay in contact
  • And many other learning opportunities.

All these facilities have been made available to our valued members on very nominal charges. We understand the constraints of your busy life and the value of your precious time.

This repository portal of our recorded content is developed in a very transparent manner enabling members to track their watched webinars and respective CPDs they are eligible to claim. ICAP NRCs administrator(s) can equally generate reports to further confirm allocating the CPDs for the same.

In the end, I would like to thank you all for showing great interest in our webinars, and hope you all will find this repository easy to use and a constructive learning platform.

I highly recommend that you Register today to start watching the content at your convenience, and wish you all the best in your professional endeavors.

Jehanzeb Amin
Chairman ICAP NRC

As like many other professional bodies across the world, ICAP requires from its members to complete continuing professional development (CPD) throughout their careers.

This requirement is made to ensure that our members are always highly updated and maintain the required sets of skills and knowledge which is needed to survive in today's competitive and dynamic business environments. CPD is a pure reflection of the fact that learning is a life-long process!

All our new and old active members are required to achieve a specific level of CPD which is quantified in hours. The quota is set on annual basis and the members are required to complete their CPD hours before deadline. This is to enforce acquisition of latest and most updated knowledge among our members as the business industry look at the members of any professional body with an expectation for updated knowledge and skills and will not accept any member of a professional association that does not conform to some form of CPD.

Therefore, it is the sole duty of the members to develop their skills and knowledge throughout the career.

To check on your CPD status log on to: ICAP or ICAP

ICAP's approach to cpd

We put our best efforts to ensure that our members adopt the highest standards of professionalism and therefore design top quality programs that comply with the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC).

The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Pakistan (ICAP) was established on 01 July 1961 with the prime objective of regulating the profession of accounting in Pakistan. It was due to the vision and the foresight of our predecessors that today we are the premier regulatory body for the development and regulation of the Profession in the Country.

ICAP has indeed come a long way from small band of members to currently above five thousand professionals. Today our professionals are recognized and respected globally for their technical expertise and adherence to ethics and integrity.

The repute and the standing that ICAP commands today are due to the determination, courage and loyalty shown by the members and the leadership. The Institute was envisioned and established to regulate the accountancy profession in general, particularly the auditing profession and is responsible for imparting Chartered Accountancy qualification in the country. ICAP offers great services to the nation by fostering and nurturing the young talent for leadership through its robust education and examination system throughout the years producing high caliber professionals.

In addition to this, ICAP plays its role in strengthening the regulatory framework in Pakistan through working in cooperation with important policy making institutions and regulators including the State Bank of Pakistan, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the Federal Board of Revenue and other Ministries.

Simultaneously, the Institute has firmly established itself as a premier institution which produces qualified accountants, who are not only in high demand within the country but have also made a mark for themselves outside Pakistan.

This journey of ICAP has been a test of endurance. The institute has come a long way from a very small community of Registered Accountants to what it is today a professional body of more than 7000 members.

To know more about ICAP please visit us on:Icap

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