Dr. Ianna F. Contardo

Dr. Ianna  F. Contardo FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance
Institute :
FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance
Professor of Business Strategy & NeuroMarketing Financial Times

Ianna took her PhD in “Industrial Studies” and has since written on all types of business behaviour. She enjoys speaking about the twisted and weird aspects of the mind in its infinite forms but mainly looks at research applicable to the business realm in order to foster success, performance and human wellbeing at the workplace. Her latest position with the newly wed couple of the Financial Times and IE Business School prestigious institutes has allowed her to engage with her favourite topics: neurosciences in marketing and corporate strategy, decisional processes at their best, dilemma resolution and practicing with positive consequences. Her thirst for knowledge of different cultural habits and standpoints takes her to remote locations she enjoys learning about You can find her on LinkedIn, Facebook and can contact her directly at Ianna@Contardo.e.telefonica.net

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