Neville Gaunt Mind Fit Ltd
Thursday November 23rd, 2017 05:00 PM
Neville Gaunt

Excluding the CFO if you were to ask boardrooms the role of finance you would hear words like control, compliance, reporting and similar. Yet in the most successful Companies words like strategy and risk would come long before the common functions of finance.
Why is that? The simple truth is that while balance sheets, P&L and cash flow define ... Read more...

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The Urgency of Building Employee Engagement: Global Perspectives and Solutions
Speaker : Dr.Jeffrey yergler
Instituite : Integer Leadership Consulting
Video Duration : 1:08:30
Price : PKR 500.00
CPD HRS : 1.00
Living Business Models for Strategic and Operational Performance
Speaker : Kim Warren
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How to pass the test of time Embed Business Continuity Management
Speaker : Tim Marjason
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